08Cr2A1Mo pipe heat exchanger
       08Cr2A1Mo pipe heat exchanger is a kind of new-type corrosion-resistant heat exchanger. Compared with the carbon steel, it has high capability of anti-fracturing due to the stress corrosion from H2S-H2O and H2S-HCI-H2O.At the same time,08Cr2A1Mo heat-exchange pipe has superior high-temperature mechanics performance and low fragility transition temperature and the usage temperature range is from -60℃ to 500℃。
This heat exchanger can be widely applied to such oil refining devices as paraffin hydrogenation, atmospheric and vacuum distillation, catalytic cracking, delaying coking, propane de-asphalting and petrol and diesel oil hydrogenation. The media involved include absorbing oil, petrol, diesel oil, wax, hydrogen, propane and circulating water.
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