T-shaped finned tube re-boiler

     T-shaped finned tube re-boiler is a new type of high efficient boiling heat transfer equipment. It adopts the T-shaped finned tube formed by one-step non-cutting rolling process instead of the ordinary tube, making the liquid boil inside the spiral passage of the T-shaped finned tube. During the course of boiling, high-efficient liquid film evaporation is formed due to the drastic circulation of the vapor-liquid inside and outside the spiral passage, making the heat transfer coefficient improve greatly. It can also prevent the scale formation in the course of high-speed circulation.

     Compared with the ordinary tube re-boiler, T-shaped finned tube re-boiler not only has high heat transfer but also has such advantages as lower wall temperature needed by boiling, high critical heat load, steady operation and high elasticity. It has made remarkable economic benefits after being applied in the fields like petrochemical industry.
Applicable for the industrial fields such as petrochemical industry and energy, as well as the working condition of shell pass boiling heat transfer. Not applicable for the media which contain dust and are apt to form coking.

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