Corrugated tube heat exchanger
      Corrugated tube heat exchanger/condenser is to achieve a double-sided heat transfer of a new type of high-performance heat transfer equipment. The heat transfer components-corrugated tube, processed by the special equipment, pipe, corrugated wall is convex rib rolled into a ring, the inner wall of the flow of the fluid state of change, so that the tube fluid layer of transition to turbulent flow, which was significantly improve the efficiency of heat transfer. The formation of the corresponding corrugated tube surface, that the expansion of the heat transfer area, also increased the disturbance, so than heat transfer increased significantly. Therefore, the eventual realization of corrugated tube heat exchanger heat transfer enhancement of the bilateral anti-fouling unique. The total heat transfer rate of the ordinary general smooth tube heat exchanger is about 2 times, the heat transfer area can save over 60%.The device is ideal for petrochemical installations on innovation, saving energy and resources to provide a new way.
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