Rod-baffled floating head heat exchanger
     Rod-baffled floating head heat exchanger/condenser is a kind of new-type and high-efficient heat  transfer  equipment with such advantages as strong anti-vibration performance, small flow resistance, difficult to form scale, good heat transfer performance and unified surface temperature. It is different from commonly used bow-shaped board heat exchanger and its pipes are supported by baffling ring constituted by rods from four positions. The shell body liquid is parallel to the axial direction flow with very small flow resistance which is generally 1/7-1/9 of that of the bow-shaped baffle plate. So, it can improve the shell pass flow rate to increase the turbulence degree, thus strengthening the heat transfer. The baffling rod condenser is very suitable for the condensation course of different column top gases, especially suitable for the part of restring pressure drop, like the catalyzing/fractionating tower condenser. The extremely low resistance drop of the shell is the most outstanding character for the baffling rod heat exchanger and condenser. Compared with the bow-shaped plate heat transfer equipment, it can save the heat transfer area by 30%.In the respect of the heat transfer rate under the unit pressure drop, the baffling rod one is 2 times of that of the bow-shaped plate.
    This equipment is suitable for the gas/gas, gas/liquid, liquid/liquid heat exchange and gaseous phase condensation course in the production of petroleum and chemical industry.
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