The threaded pipe
     The threaded pipe is a kind of strengthened heat conducting component, and it can replace the smooth pipes to be assembled into a series of tube an shell heat exchanger of various specifications, and can also be assembled into the condenser, cooler and horizontal re-boiler of various specifications as a kind of energy-saving product. It can improve the total heat conducting coefficient by 50%-70%.With anticorrosive ability higher than the smooth pipe heat exchanger, it can lengthen the operation cycle and service life. The ideal usage occasion is where the coefficient of heat transfer outside the pipe differs by 2 times.
    The materials of the threaded pipe:10#s,stainless steel, aluminized carbon steel,08Cr2ALMo,12Cr2ALMoV and 09Cr2ALMoRE.
The threaded pipe is used for the following heat transfer equipment: Single segmental baffle floating head heat exchanger/condenser, rod-baffled floating head heat exchanger, and double/tri segmental baffle floating head heat exchanger.
      When you select the threaded pipe heat-exchange equipment, please note the screw thread heat-exchange pipe and material after choosing the specifications and model from the above-mentioned three kinds of heat-exchange equipment.
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